Hayat Cleaning and Sanitary Products Inc. conducts its manufacturing activities in an integrated facility established over an area of 235,000 sqm in Yeniköy on the Izmit-Yalova Highway designed and engineered in earthquake proof and environment-friendly fashion, where the latest technology is employed.

In the liquid and powdered detergent manufacturing plant established over an area of around 100,000 sqm, processes and machineries such as uninterrupted sulphanation (SO3), neutralization, serial slurry preparation, atomization towers and final powder manufacturing units are available.

our paper products plant, diapers and hygienic pad products are hands-free manufactured automatically in an environment designed and constructed in strict accordance with the ISO 9001 quality assurance system as well as sanitary and hygienic conditions by means of control panels capable of doing accurate and sensitive measurements.

Hayat Cleaning and Sanitary Product Inc. have been established at a critical point at which the vital highways of Turkey intersect. The availability of a port located by the manufacturing facilities allowing the transport of dry and liquid loads ensures the efficient use of highways and maritime lines.

The plant furnished with the advanced Italian – Ballestra and Mazzoni technology in construction process is energy self-sufficient by means of uninterrupted power generation from natural gas. The main principle here has been set as manufacturing zero-error products, thanks to the non-stop computer-controlled production process at the manufacturing units within which the product quality is continually checked through real time monitoring each phase of the process.


Pars Hayat Production Co. has built a factory covering 240,000 square meters in Abhar, Zanjan province, Iran, in 2011 to meet a part of the demand in the Iranian market. Manufacturing Baby diapers and women’s hygienic pads under the brand names of Molfix and Molped, This factory uses the most modern and advanced technologies under the supervision of Turkish specialists. These full-automatic and very fast machines were imported from Italy and Germany to manufacture and package the above mentioned products without any human interruption.

Pars Hayat aims to launch other products such as cleaning products and tissues in the Iranian market through additional investments to be completed within 2012. These new investments will ensure Pars Hayat to increase its workforce in Iran from 450 to 800 people.

Other Factories

Bulgaria: liquid and powdered detergent manufacturing plant

Ukraine: liquid and powdered detergent manufacturing plant

Algeria: liquid and powdered detergents, Baby diapers and Sanitary napkins manufacturing plant