Human Resources

Human Resources


Procuring qualified human resources, increasing the existing human resources potential, developing harmonious and strong relations between employees, ensuring the human resources to have team spirit and to be proactive, sustaining such human resources and bringing them to the future in accordance with this company’s targets.



• Ensuring all the employees to focus on this company’s common targets, 
• Raising all the employee’s awareness that they are each other’s customer, 
• Helping all the employees to use their full potential, 
• Creating synergy between the departments, 
• Establishing the human resource systems needed for institutionalization, 
• Improving the organizational structure, 
• Ensuring effective communication, 
• Establishing fairness within this company, 
• Consolidating all data about the employees to use them for developing and launching management policies.


We believe ensuring the employees to improve themselves on a continuous basis is one of the most important factors to achieve success.

In this globalizing business world, we give priority to the target of proceeding to the future with specialists, management executives and leaders who adapt to change and possess the knowledge needed to advance this company. 
The training and improvement programs of this company have been designed to increase the powers granted to the employees and to have a positive impact on their performances.

Hayat Kimya is aware of and accepts that it can only grow with employees who adopt the principle of continuous learning, reviewing and questioning, who are open to positive communications.